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Olawale Seriki

Avid golf player based in Lagos, Nigeria

Olawale Seriki is an experienced businessman and leader from Lagos, Nigeria. He has had a varied and nuanced career across a variety of industries with his most recent role in the field of biological agriculture. 

In his current position as Primary Distributor for BioNeat’s West Africa division, he is able to fulfill his lifelong goal to give back to and provide for his community. 

As an APC party member, Olawale has a deep sense of pride in his home and had been searching for ways to positively impact its culture and wellbeing. For years, Olawale Seriki worked as a stock broker for Raike Financial and Harrison Securities and, for a time, as a mortgage broker. Though he was successful and enjoyed helping his clients, when an opportunity to help his home of Nigeria presented itself Olawale took it. 

His chance to meaningfully help his community came from an acquaintance who introduced him to BioNeat’s Vice President. At the time, the company was looking to expand into West Africa but was having difficulty breaking into the region. They needed government contacts and had been unsuccessful in their pursuit. Knowing this was his opportunity, Olawale Seriki offered up his services. 

Three years later, Olawale and BioNeat have been able to effectively increase Nigeria’s gross domestic product and stoke the region’s passion for agriculture. The ability to provide for his community, and improve the lives of those who live there, has made him immensely proud and more determined than ever to give back. Through his involvement with a construction company that handles contracts for Lagos state government, Olawale also helps provide safer road infrastructure for his community.

Olawale Seriki’s loyalty for Nigeria stems from his childhood. At age 7, his father ran for senate and was the Chairman of the Lagos State Sports Council. His father taught him that leaders serve their people. To him, an honorable life is one spent helping and giving back to others—making a difference in someone’s life. By introducing BioNeat to West Africa, Olawale is able to make a difference in hundreds of lives.  

In his spare time, Olawale enjoys playing golf and watching sports. To Olawale, sports have always been the best way to relieve stress. He played football for his high school team, but his connection to golf runs much deeper. Introduced to the sport at ten years old, some of his happiest memories take place on the green, playing a few rounds with his father and uncle. Though he fell away from golf for many years, his love for the sport was reignited after discovering Top Golf. Since then, the sport has once again become an important part of his life. 

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