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These days there are hundreds of podcasts to meet any demand. This is fantastic news – especially for those hoping to learn something new or enjoy hearing more about their favorite pastimes.

Podcasts are an excellent way to up one’s golfing game, believe it or not. There are so many experts in the sport willing to share their knowledge. Here are some of the best golfing podcasts worth listening to.


Golfcity is the perfect podcast for those hoping to learn new tips, tricks, and techniques. Additionally, this podcast will take the time to discuss modern trends in the sport, including interviews, features, and other spotlight events.

Coach Glass Podcast

Do you want to learn more about golf from an actual coach? Then check out the Coach Glass Podcast. Hosted by Jason Glass, a famous golfing coach, this podcast is specifically designed to help increase your knowledge of the sport. 

The Sweet Spot

Hosted by Adam Young and Jon Sherman, The Sweet Spot is a golfing podcast that looks at different strategies, practices, and more. For those looking to up their mental game and knowledge, this one can’t be beaten.

The Mindside

As the name suggests, The Mindside is a podcast focused on helping athletes get more into the mental side of golf. Hosted by Dr. Bhrett McCabe, The Mindside delves into various golf-related topics, all intending to help golfers up their game.

No Laying Up

Are you a fan of golf but not looking to go pro? Then No Laying Up may be your speed. This podcast is a more casual take on learning more about the sport, and there’s lots of humor to accompany discussions.

18 Strong

For golfers hoping to train harder and better – and hear it all from an expert, there’s 18 Strong. 18 Strong is hosted by physical therapist Jeff Pelizarro, where he talks all about building strength and pushing your golf game further.

Golf Science Lab

Hosted by Cordie Walker, Golf Science Lab is a podcast that works hard at staying up to date with the latest golf tech and trends. Each season it explores new golfing concepts through research and interviews.